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My Life, My Mark and My Legacy!


This exercise is a part of the rites of passage to share the narration of your story as a completion of the Circle of Life by telling your story and sharing milestones, memories and lessons that have marked your life. This is part of the in-between birth and death life resume that holds the key to life's purpose and dreams actualized and the difference you mark you left and share your story of inspiration that connects the past, present and future together in one.

This is one of the most sacred and profound gifts you can give your family before you transition to the spirit world.

Benefits of doing this project:

  • This helps bring to life your story that will bridge the past, present and future as a living legacy.

  • Life is but a dash and by sharing the treasures of our stories can make an impact long after we are gone.

  • To never to be forgotten that your life mattered.

  • Your stories can be tailored through digitally, real time, video format or written into a book.

  • Sharing advice with loved ones can avoid pitfalls in life.

  • Sharing milestones and significant dates in your own words is most impactful.

  • This is one of the most significant pieces of work you will ever do.

  • This is the greatest gift you can give the world before leaving this planet.

  • A pivotal pathway to exiting this life by helping us with our own mortality.

  • This gives a sense of peace making a difference and completion for those leaving this world and those left behind.

  • It is also a way to honour the life you were given and give a glimpse of this extraordinary journey on earth sometimes referred to as the dash.

  • This project helps to alleviate the fear of death and to honour it as a part of the rites of passage and the completion of a life cycle.

  • This can also highlight some regrets and also lessons from the regrets.

  • Organising photos and stories is very therapeutic as it helps to maximise and minimise the fear of coming to terms with our evolution and being part of the circle of life and that death is a part of this.

  • Celebrate your life highlighting accomplishments to realise our purpose and fulfilment of a life well lived that was significant and created impact.

Order your package today and leave a legacy of your lifetime.

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