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“I finally got the tools to be able to move forward from my grandma passing away 10 years ago. Lise was heartwarming, authentic, and has a big heart! That makes a huge difference! You know you're getting great quality and very beneficial tools to living your life wholeheartedly again”

"Well, you sure saved my world, My life! My happiness, My mental stability!

My future... LA"

“Thank you. I’ve found some peace today for the first time in 13 years. I’ve got to say you inspired me. You’re terrific” LL

"Your work here is powerful in helping transformations and wisdom to arise... we are all in the collective here sifting through and experiencing our grief as mirrored by others and likewise as stimulated by the activities you suggest and the suggestions made by us all here. So thank you for creating this community, it has helped me immensely". AT

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