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Healing the Heart: A Journey with The Grief Warrior Program

Dear Friends,

As a holistic grief specialist with over three decades of experience in social work and community building, I have had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of healing firsthand. Through my work, I have come to understand the profound impact of grief and loss on individuals and communities, particularly within our Indigenous communities.

That's why I am incredibly passionate about introducing you to the Grief Warrior Program.

The Grief Warrior Program is more than just a workshop; it's a journey of healing and resilience-building. Designed to provide individuals with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate through grief and embrace life after loss, this program offers a holistic approach to healing. Led by myself, Lise Robinson, the program combines traditional healing modalities with modern therapeutic techniques to create a transformative experience for participants.

The Grief Warrior program is structured over two days, with each day focusing on different aspects of the healing journey. On the first day, "Memorializing our Loved Ones," we honor and commemorate those who have passed away through various activities and discussions. Participants have the opportunity to create memorial slideshows, virtual memorial services, and legacy books, fostering connections and preserving memories that transcend time.

The second day, "Healing Grief Strategies and Kickstarting Life after Loss," delves into various healing modalities and resilience-building techniques. Participants explore strategies for coping with grief with the medicine wheel, hawaain healing and yoga laughted including art therapy, nature walks, and discussions on resilience and healing. The day concludes with a safe space for reflection and emotional release, providing participants with the support they need to continue their healing journey.

But the journey doesn't end there. At LR Wellness, we offer a comprehensive range of resources to support you on your healing journey. From our 13 courses covering topics such resilience building, and mindfulness, to our 11 ebooks filled with practical tips and insights, we have everything you need to continue your healing journey long after the program ends. LR Wellness has a facebook page to keep connected to the ongoing healing and a website with blogs to continue the healing journey.

I invite you to visit to learn more about our programs and resources.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Together, let's embark on a journey of healing and transformation.

Healing your heart is the best gift you can give yourself.

With warmest regards,

Lise Robinson Holistic Grief Specialist LR Wellness

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