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Grief Warrior Program Brochure

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

For those of you looking for a solution to grief for yourself or your community.

Grief can create all types of feelings of gut wrenching pain, sadness, hopelessness, fear and a big void not knowing how to navigate the feelings.

What makes the Grief Warrior different?

  • No wait times to get help.

  • You can be remote and access anywhere.

  • Join a online community to connect right away and learn how other people are getting through their pain.

  • Plug and play system with:

13 pre-recorded sessions

11 ebooks

  • Weekly sessions on healing.

  • Learn to memorialise loved ones from home.

  • Learn how to create legacy book.

  • Learn how to create a virtual presentation.

  • Learn how to create a virtual ceremony.

  • Learn how to create a resilient roadmap.

  • Learn how to kickstart life after loss.

  • Learn how to write a will.

  • Learn how the medicine wheel helps to heal grief.

  • Learn how the rites of passage are a part of our life cycle.

  • Learn how to create a vision board.

  • Learn how to live your best life after loss.

  • Learn how art can help to heal grief.

  • Learn how nature nurtures grief.

  • Learn from someone that has gone through multiple losses and has come through the other side of pain stronger.

This program was born from my pain to help navigate people through faster with simple solutions and tools to heal the inside out from the deepest pain points to truly having long term solutions to live and have a life of purpose living in peace and harmony.

Let's chat about getting started with your healing journey.

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