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LR Wellness mission is to holistically heal grief by providing effective tools that alleviate pain.


LRWellness aims to create a world where individuals find solace and renewal in grief.

Lise Robinson unlocks the journey of grief with impactful tools and strategies, shaping life after loss.

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Tall Mountain and LAke

LR WELLNESS serves people

dealing with grief, consultation 

and community building.


LR Wellness's mission is to empower people to heal grief by memorializing loved ones, build resiience and create a life plan.
The vision of LR Wellness is to have individuals and communities come to terms with grief with strategies to live optimal lives. 


Lise Robinson BSW, RSW
Social Worker, Holistic Grief Specialist

Lise Robinson, the founder of LR Wellness, has been recognized with a Human Rights Award for her three decades of service in social work.


She specializes in creating practical hands-on tools for individuals who are dealing with grief.


LR Wellness offers a variety of grief workshops to help individuals work through their emotions and find strategies to cope with their loss.


The approach is heart centered holistic and that focuses on emotional healing, without the use of drugs or ongoing therapy.



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“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.”


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