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The importance of creating legacy assets, such as a book, virtual presentation, music, and memory box. These assets serve as a way to preserve memories and share our life stories with future generations.
 Creating a legacy book allows us to reflect on our life experiences, share our values, and pass on our wisdom and advice to future generations. 
A virtual presentation can provide a visual representation of our life journey and help bring our story to life. Adding music to our legacy assets can evoke emotions and bring back memories that would otherwise be forgotten. 
And finally, a memory box provides a physical place to store mementos, photos, and other items that hold meaning and significance to us. I believe it is important to create legacy assets for several reasons. 
First, it provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our life experiences and identify what's important to us. Second, it allows us to pass on our values, experiences, and memories to future generations. 
 I encourage you to consider creating legacy assets for yourself and your loved ones. Whether it's a book, virtual presentation, music, or memory box, take the time to preserve your memories and share your life story with future generations.

How to create Legacy Assets

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