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Honoring the Light

🌷 #MothersDay and Grief: Honoring the Light 🕯️

As we approach Mother's Day, it's important to recognize that for many of us, this can be a challenging time. Losing a mother is an experience that brings a unique kind of grief, and it's okay to feel a mix of emotions during this holiday. However, we can find comfort and healing by leaning into our emotions and honoring the memory of our mothers.

🌺 In her work on vulnerability and shame, Brené Brown reminds us that it's important to embrace our emotions, even when they are difficult. Instead of pushing our grief away, we can create a special space to remember our mothers and honor the impact they had on our lives.

🌻 This might mean creating a simple ritual, such as lighting a candle or taking a moment of silence to reflect. Or it could be a more elaborate gathering with loved ones, sharing memories and stories. The key is to create a space where we can feel our emotions fully and honor our mothers in a way that feels meaningful.

🌼 Another way to navigate grief on Mother's Day is by finding ways to give back and honor our mothers through acts of service. This could be volunteering or donating to a cause that was important to our mothers, or performing a small act of kindness in their honor.

🌸 It's important to remember that grief is a journey, and there is no right or wrong way to experience it. Healing is a nonlinear process, and it's okay to feel the pain of loss on this day. However, by embracing our vulnerability and honoring the memory of our mothers, we can find a sense of peace and resilience that will carry us through the difficult moments.

🌹 So let us be brave in our grief and honor the light that our mothers brought into our lives, even in their absence. As Brené Brown reminds us, it is through embracing our vulnerability that we can discover the infinite power of our light.

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