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Connecting Hearts in Frosty Winter!

I think often we take our lives for granted and forget to thank those who connect us from the heart to healing.

I was in Fort Chipewyan in northern Alberta. I could feel the warmth of the hearts of the people living there. While I was there, we were in severe weather -33 degrees C. Despite the frigid weather the y arrived to learn more about the Grief Warrior Program. The sessions were compact and filled with content to help move the pain within to passion and hope for a brighter future.

I was happy to have help facilitate change through tools that helped me to heal after losing four people in a three month period.

No matter what the situations we face, we can come to terms with our situations.

Getting informed, connecting and collaborating are all keys to warming the heart but to also move the pain forward towards being free of stress.

in life, finding those connections that warm your heart and spirit to fly to the next levels of your life is critical to your well-being and growth in life.

Heart Connections help us evolve into being greater beings in this life. So be a warm heart through the seasons and you will fly like an eagle knowing you did your very best to be kind and caring on this earth.

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