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Breaking through Grief is like cracking an Egg open.

People say that in time you heal grief.

In time the pain can subside and life starts to become brighter once again.

One analogy I make is with an egg. Once it is broken, you see egg surrounded by the yolk perfectly facing you just as you are. The yoke is the protector of the egg and just like in grief our core is our protector through the concious and unconcious peels of reality and until the body,mind and spirit are aligned to unveil itself to the world. It is like the egg yoke is like our spirit always shining

After I had exhausted all my resources to resolving the issues and I surrender myself to the world as I am. I had to change my mindset, my beliefs and take massive action also the understanding of my reality and work from there.

I had to change my old story of being broken to being healed and what did that look like.

I had to challenge my beliefs, how can I can't live without you now that you are gone. That is complete crap as I can live with you in the spirit world and me here on earth. You are always with me in heart and spirit.

Taking massive action lead me to starting a facebook group, coaching people through grief, creating a program to help people heal from grief, starting a food pantry and helping thousands in need to share their story.

At this point I felt exhillerated and felt like contributed by helping others to their pain added to my own sense of well being. Helping others is true progress to aligning to purpose and sense of achievement.

Despite being shattered and cracked up like an egg I still have my own life to live.

The viel of protection lifted when the concious and unconcious came to a place of understanding that somethings I have control of LIFELINES. I am here living my own life and their is a HIGHER POWER is in control. We must do our parts to survivie and thrive by findings our mission and vision and taking massive action to making a difference.

I fele a sense of freedom when I let go of the baggage of trying to control my own grief.

Allowing myself to feel and breath was the greatest gift I could give myself.

Of course we will always miss out loved ones. We will always have them in our hearts.

We can create it to be absolutley beautiful after loss.

We do have the lessons gained from the darkness to light and pivoting.

By taking massive action towards the life we were meant to live. You were born and remember to be the SUNNY SIDE UP of your life just like the EGG.

Know that you have that protective yolk in your soul to heal.

Be the one you have always envisioned yourself to be as your own hero and keep shining your light.

I am loving life completely, family and friends, pets and plants and all the earthly wonders of the world.

Let's connect, collaborate and heal.

Register for a complimentary session.

Have a wonderful day,

Lise Robinson

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