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The Intertwined reality of Grief and Cancer by Lise Robinson

I dedicate this artcle to all the loved ones who are going through cancer or have passed away from cancer. It was devastating hearing about the diagnosis of my father, mother and brother. I cannot imagine the stress on the body mind and spirit.

Grief and cancer are often intertwined, as a cancer diagnosis can be a devastating and life-changing event for both the person with cancer and their loved ones.

Grief can be experienced throughout the cancer journey, from the moment of diagnosis to the end of life and beyond. Knowing all of this I want to give you some of the stages and names to what I have experienced during the cancer journey of my loved ones.

Here are a few ways in which grief and cancer can intersect:

  1. Anticipatory grief: This is the grief that is experienced when someone anticipates a loss, such as the impending death of a loved one with cancer. Anticipatory grief can be complex and multifaceted, as it may involve a range of emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt, and anxiety.

  2. Ambiguous loss: This type of loss is experienced when a loved one is physically present but psychologically absent, such as in the case of someone with advanced cancer who may be experiencing cognitive changes or physical limitations. Ambiguous loss can be especially challenging, as it may be difficult to know how to grieve when the person is still physically present.

  3. Post-loss grief: This is the grief that is experienced after the loss of a loved one with cancer. Post-loss grief can be a long and complex process, and it may involve a range of emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt, and loneliness.

  4. Secondary losses: In addition to the loss of the person with cancer, there may be other losses that are experienced, such as the loss of a sense of security or the loss of the future that was envisioned. These secondary losses can also be a source of grief and may require their own grieving process.

It's important for those who are experiencing grief related to cancer to seek support from friends, family members, and mental health professionals who can provide comfort, understanding, and guidance through the grieving process.

To discuss your situation go to lets discuss the supports you require to help you with the journey.

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