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Start Healing from Grief Today

I rolled over in my bed to the phone ringing and glanced at the clock that read 3:30 a.m. Groggily I answered the phone and heard my niece on the other line. She had a very low voice and seemed like she didn’t want to tell me. She then informed me in a shaky voice that my mom had passed away.

We were in a lockdown and couldn’t even go see her, and with the restrictions we could not have a funeral. How was I supposed to get through this with these complex issues? I was isolated, lost, scared, and felt completely helpless and heartbroken.

When the sun rose, I went for a walk and stood by a tree, and it nurtured my pain, just like my mom did when hugging me. I felt unconditional love.

My story is not unique. Many people have lost loved ones, and they suffer with unresolved grief. Coming to terms with the pain is key to long-term happiness and living a life of love creating a legacy. Progress and growth is everything. In the past 36 years, thousands of people like you have achieved their goals resolving their problems and living life fully.

One of the most common questions I get is, ‘Lise, can you help me with my grief?’ The answer is yes. The Grief Warrior Program empowers people to heal with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality for life.

The next step is to register at right now to get started with this plug-and-play program. Whether you are new to grief or have suffered 10 years of grief, this program can help you achieve greatness.

The Grief Warrior Program will give you the tools to come to a place of peace and live your best life.

To accelerate healing go to

Picture a day when you can be fully present with your family.

Picture a day when a loved one says to you it's great to see you laughing again.

Picture a day when you feel joy and peace in your heart.

Picture a day when you look forward to waking up.

Let me leave you with this one last thought.

With my mother, it took 3 months to have her funeral.

With my family gathered the day before her funeral, my brother had a massive heart attack and dropped dead in my mom's kitchen.

Not only did I lose my mom, but my brother died of a heart attack.

Despite the compounded losses, I made it through to the other side of grief and I am here to help you to the other side of your grief.

You deserve to be free and live your best life each day.

Lise Robinson

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