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Pets can help with grief.

It was a few months after I lost muliple people.

My son came home with a liter of puppies. I was not in any mood to having puppies after going through my own sadness from grief. I thought why to myself is this a curse or a blessing.

The responsiblity of taking care of a eight puppies, the feeding, trainining, walks and cleaning daily was a chore. One of the greatest things that came from this was the distraction and realziing how these little creatures were going through grief of being away from their mother.

The pleasure of snuggling up to this furry puppy that cried for his mother really put me in a place of taking charge and taking care of this little one. This was such a gift for me as it was for this puppy. It helped me to focus my energy on something that could make a difference in their life. Just as my mom taught me to care for animals and to nurture them to thrive was one of the greatest lessons I was taught.

Animals co-existance with human have benefits that help with ones well being. It’s only recently that studies have begun found the true benefits of the connection of human animal bond.

Pets are acutely attuned to humans emotions and often times for example dogs interpret the tone of voice, body language and gestures of their masters. Dogs can gauge the emotional states and try to understand what your thinking or feeling. They are very loyal to their masters. Throughout my life living on the farm and working with animals experiencing first hand the benefits of pets.

Pets especially dogs and cats that I have experienced have helped reduce stress, anxiety, and loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve youroverall health. They also help keep homes safe especially dogs. Caring for animals as a child helped me to grow up more secure, active and respect the significant roles they have in the family. Pets are valuable in helping the most volunerable deal with mental health issues and provide companionship for people with disabilities and older adults. A pet can add real joy and unconditional love to your life.

In the past 2 years, especially with the pandemic there has been a greater uptake of animals to help with the lonliness and mental health of individuals. This clearly is a great indicator that animals can help prevent and promote wellness.

Remember that healing is possible with the help from our fur babies.

Dog owners live longer, it must be the extra love they get.

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