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Impact of Grief on our Lives.

𝐆𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐟 can have a huge impact on your life if it does not come to a place of resolve. It can create mental health issues that could compromise your well being, family, friends, work relationships and your ability to live a peaceful and happy life.

Most people who have never experienced it often say ”get over it” or time to “move on”. Sometimes it is so damaging to hear those words.

But based on my personal experience and all of my experience as a survivor of grief and a coach is that grief is temporary and we have the internal ability to heal. Much like other things we go through in life we can change the way we think and respond to our situations. We can pivot and be proactive in our healing. For some people they cannot navigate through the roller coaster of emotions who need support and tools to heal. To ask for help can be life changing and save a person from years of torment.

When death happens it's like an avalanche of emotions and can debilitate our well being. For myself after the multiple deaths I felt as though the rug was pulled out of my foundation leaving me on shaky ground emotionally. I never thought that it could be so hard losing mom, dear friend, cousin and brother in a short period of three months could be so earthsharing. It was like my mind was trying to process my life without my loved ones.

But the truth in life is that we are all a part of the circle of life with a birth date and a date of expiry. Realising this helped me to understand that we are here to be students and teachers of life and when the lessons of life are complete we move on to the next dimension of evolution.Consciously evolving in my heart and spirit that love is eternal and key to connecting to the past, present and future.


Grief causes changes in understanding about death and our own mortality. An Elder once told me that the heart is developed before the brain so to heal the heart is to know that we are connected from love and shall return home to love. When our time is up we can leave our legacies and lessons for the next generations. The question is what do you believe happens when a person dies. Do you believe in the afterlife? What does your heart say? Remember that our loved ones demonstrate their reactions to death and those examples sometimes become a part of how we cope with death.

The facts are simple, we are all going to die one day to make room for the next generation to come. The question is how will you face death when it comes? Will you be scared and fearful because it is happening? Were you scared to be born? Hopefully that puts into context the natural evolution of our lifelines here on earth.

For centuries people have dealt with grief and 93% recover completely from grief while the other 7% suffer from complex situations such as the loss of a child or violent death or unresolved death. These types of issues can create long term mental health issues because of the complexities regarding the circumstances regarding the loss. Some people may have lived all their lives with their loved ones all of their lives, others may have been their caretaker and for those who lost their child pain can reel on for years. This one can be one of the most difficult to comprehend and work though. What do you believe about your healing journey?


My sons and I are of the 93% who are healing daily. We look at life differently and try to make each day count and we try our best not to take it for granted.

We chose to focus on living fully in the moment because that truly is all we have. Life can be altered at any given moment so we have learnt to pivot into positive and prioritise what is most important in life.


We have the ability to carve out goals and dreams from our deep by setting intentions and taking immediate action towards those desires. Learning to come to terms with our grief and reboot our lives and pivot is truly how we should all navigate life because plans can alter drastically at times. We need to make the best of life for ourselves, our children and our communities we live in.

Taking control of my own wellness journey was key to healing with empowered strategies developed from my pain to peace.Now, I am in control of my outcome for happiness by living intentionally by being thankful, spending time in nature, being at peace with my world and it truly has inspired others to join in the journey of healing. Designing this program was truly the saving grace of not only my life but the man others that have been inspired to heal through The Grief Warrior program without medication or years of therapy,

Leading myself into the selfless act of self care has lead me to a place of being free of pain fueled with passion to experience life at its fullest.

I focus on the here and now, the great lessons from the teacher called grief as myself as the student came to realise how empowering this gift was to changing the trajectory of my life mission and vision.

Making everyday count with purpose really gives my life meaning and power over the pain that had me on my knees thinking I would sink to the existence of my life.

Time will never come back so being stuck in grief can truly be toxic for your ability to thrive in life as you were meant to be. Focus on where I wanted to be was truly the pivot I made with mas

sive action to heal quickly and help others along their way.

Living, laughing and being there for my family truly being the best I can be is the gift I not only give myself but those who have gone before me, my angels in heaven as I know they would want me to live a restored life that is now renewed and rekindle the spark of life meant to light up the world.

I choose to live fully and be a bright light to help illuminate this world to a better place.

This is me having a blast in life.

Living life fully on purpose,

Lise Robinson

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