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Coping with Grief during the holidays can be so difficult.

Grief during the holidays can be so difficult. Make sure to take care of YOU during this very delicate time. There is so much buzz about the holiday season for hope and happiness while deep inside it can be most gut wrenching feeling for those grieving. Whether it’s your first or second holiday without your loved one, or many years have passed, you may be overwhelemed in thinking how you’re going to make it without going insane. I hope these few ideas that you can use to bring a glimour of hope during this season. 1. REMEMBER TO HONOR YOUR LOVED ONE’S MEMORY

Remembering loved ones who were once with our celebrations at this time of year can be included: by lighting a candle, sharing a special memory of your loved ones through sharing stories, making special decorations, foods that they might of loved at this time of year, having their picture of a happy holiday memory to warm loved ones spirits. . Some people make special ornaments with their loved ones pictures in it. Making a banner with loved ones pictures. Making pillows or blankets out loved ones clothing for gifts for the children. Making loved ones special foods can help as well to heal the pain during the holidays.


Traditions are a way to continue on living and even with the legacy of our loved one keeping traditions intact can help with the healing. Despite the loss of a loved one celebrating traditions of the holidays is something that can help heal and bring the family even more closer together. Reminising about the holidays you had with loved ones can be really soothing and healing for everyone around. Continue to hang stockings of loved one is fine. Writing a wonderful message could be very moving for everyone in the family. Some people find it hard to speak about losing a loved one and this could be a good way to express their emotions. Light a candle for your loved one and allow everyone to share something they feel comfortable in sharing with everyone. Sending lots of healing love and light during this very difficult time. Sincerely, Lise Robinson

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