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A year of Reflection of 2021!

It’s easy to feel excited for a brand new year because this year may of sucked.

A clean slate is upon us and we all want the best outcomes for our goals and dreams.

But in the midst of thinking what happened this past year its good to reflect on both the good and challenges we faced in 2021. Taking the time to look at all the lessons we gained as wisdom to help us chart out our goals for 2022 on what has happened and how we can move towards that goal by pivoting strategies.

While looking at the year end reflection look at the great outcomes and also some of the challenges. Pat yourself on the back for your efforts and successes. Learn from the lessons that you might of struggled at and look to find alternative solutions. Lessons always teach us to become more resourceful in problem solving. Perhaps getting an expert in that area could help deal with the problem and presto issue is solved. Some people look at their finances and think could I have invested my money and time that was more beneficial and will yield more for my future. What areas can I improve on in moving towards those goals? Thinking of all the wisdom gained how can I make improvements moving forward. Look into ways to improve outcomes in personal and professional life by doing those self check-ins along the way and change the course of action if your not seeing results. People often have to make adjustments towards their outcomes.

But just thinking about the highlights from the last year without any prompts will probably give you an incomplete picture of your year. So we’ve gathered 25 reflection questions that you can use to prompt your memory and help you really analyze where you were a year ago, where you are today, and where you want to go.

Let’s get started.

Year End Reflections Questions of 2021 Year

1. If you were to write the story of your year what would it look like? How would it go?

This question makes you examine your reality to a stranger What are some of the highlights of the year and what some of the stagnant areas? Who else would you include in your story?

What was your role in sharing your story and the role of the characters who influenced your story?

2. What surprised you about this year?

What would your tell your 2020 self about this year and would you have believed me at this time , what would it be. For me my biggest lessons were around how to cope with multiple losses in a pandemic. How to come to terms with all this grief and get back at life. It was the hardest emotional days of life where I felt the oxygen was pulled out of my lungs and not knowing what would happen next. I was determined to get healing and have a sense of vitality for sake of living and evolving to being passionate about helping 100,000 people come to terms with grief. I have become stronger and more attuned to well being.

3. What worked?

What worked out for you this year? This year I took the Project Next Level and developed a digital course online for people to heal from grief.

What goals did you meet? Helping people to navigate to healing.

How did you solve some of the problems you faced? I ended up transitioning from my work to starting my own business to help more people deal with grief.

Think about the positive outcomes you worked for, both in your personal and professional life. Positive outcome I am living my passion. I love helping people thrive and flourish.

Think about the positive outcomes you worked for, both in your personal and professional life. I have learnt so much about creating programs and making them digital for families to access anytime.

When you start to reflect on the things you have done well, you may realize it’s a lot more than you would have originally thought. Yes it was a lot more of success as I broke through my self limiting beliefs that I could arrive so far after so much loss and trauma.

4. What didn’t work?

What do you wish you had done differently? I wished I could of been with my mom until she took her last breath. I wished I could of been with her during her transition.

Could you have approached something with a better attitude or put more effort into a project? I did the absolute best I could in helping my mom heal when she was living. Or maybe you should have listened to the constructive feedback you received that felt like criticism at the time. How can you be sure to not repeat this mistake? Some of the lessons I have gained is that we cannot always be ready for what is ahead but to pivot and be flexible is key to well being.

5. How did you engage in self-care?

We know this year has been very chaotic with all that is going on. Did you take time for yourself? What kinds of activities did you do to take tune into your healing?

Are there certain times throughout the year that you found you needed more self care? What kind of activities do you participate in?

Think about what coping skills were effective and how you can incorporate them more into your life moving forward.

6. What do you wish you had done this year?

Think of the wishes you didn't get to accomplish. What happened?

Maybe it was something as simple as going to a friend birthday party but you were to tired to attend or to afraid of what is going on in the world right now.. What was your thought process that led to your ultimate decision and how can you alter this process in the future to have a better outcome?

7. What is a new skills that you learned this year?

Maybe you had to switch over to online work from home and learning new software or systems to make your work more efficient. Think of at least one skill in which you’ve progressed through the stages of learning and competence this year.

8. What are you grateful for?

When you have more gratefulness in your life you deepen the meaning of life. Think about what you’re grateful for, you will gain a deeper understanding of what truly is important so you can establish goals that are aligned with your values and priorities for the upcoming year. Start the new year by creating a gratitude list or use these gratitude prompts for inspiration.

Final Thoughts of this Year End.

So there you have it: 8 areas to think about when reflecting on this past year. Hopefully you’ve been able to balance the good and challenges and discovered more about yourself during this time.

When answering these questions, make sure to consider all of the ideas that you can think about related experiences where you did evolve as a person. In doing so, you will set yourself up for create a progressive goals and outcomes for 2022.

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