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5 Tips to deal with grief during the holidays!

  1. Plan - Writing down a plan can help reduce stress by having things itemized. A plan can help to simplify and take some of the stress off of the entire event.

  • Brainstorm all the activities.

  • Prioritize what is needed.

  • Pear down to the absolutely essential activities that need to be done so you do not feel overwhelmed.

  • Delegate some of the responsibility if it is too much.

2. Acknowledge that this year will not be the same.

  • It is ok to feel sad or mad.

  • Range of emotions might hit you all at once.

  • Take an inventory of the feelings and how you would like to feel.

  • Write a thank you letter to your loved one that passed away.

  • Ask your angels for help.

  • Talk to someone about your feelings.

3. Communication

  • Communicate your feelings.

  • Listen to each other.

  • Take a time out if you need to.

  • Respect each other and where you are at with grief.

4. Memorialize loved ones.

  • Take the time to memorialize loved ones.

  • Allow for people to share stories or ritual that is meaningful to the family.

  • Say a prayer.

  • Take a moment of silence to remember a loved one that passed away.

5. Self-care

  • Take some time to relax.

  • Go for a massage.

Going into nature can really help for grounding.

6. Stay Flexible

  • Allow yourself to exit situations if you are stressed out.

  • Analyze a situation that may threaten your emotions and if it is too hard to deal with giving yourself permission to change the scenario.

  • Take time out if you need to.

In conclusion, be you. You are the once. You know what is best for you and need to keep on top of your own emotions.

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