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20 Life Lessons

1. Don’t follow the masses. You have your own unique path.

2. Put in the hard work first to truly enjoy the harvest of your efforts.

3. Develop healthy relationships that elevate your life.

4. Be truthful.

5. Respect yourself and listen to you innerself. Trust your intuition.

6. Listen to your inner calling.

7. Be positive and compliment people on their skills.

8. Incorporate peace to reflect on lesson of life.

9. Treat yourself with dignity.

10. Embrace yourself at all ages and stages.

11. Give people care, compassion and add value to their lives.

11. Relish in time alone to self reflect each day.

12. Read for 30 minutes a day from successful people.

13. Get moving your body daily.

14. Eat half portions and fast regularly.

15. Take initiative to lead in life.

16. Go to nature for healing.

17. Get into the sun and give thanks.

18. Listen to positive messages.

19. Rise and shine early.

20. Wisdom comes from hardships.

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