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Creating a memorial slide show is such an important tool to have for families. Especially with distance and restrictions for funerals and a  great to help memorialize loved ones. 

This document can share this with virtual events for families that cannot get together in person or have funerals.

  • Choose the Google slides or PowerPoint presentation
  • Organize the contents to present
  • Create a life map with milestones
  • Top Page- full name, date of birth, and date of death
  • Birth, Schooling, Careers, Profession
  • Family
  • Ask all family to scan and upload pictures or video clips
  • Sort the pictures according to the milestones in a loved one's life
  • Passions, churchgoer, cooking, sewing, fishing, hunting, traveling
  • Highlights of character
  • Choose themes or backgrounds of the document
  • Add music if you would like

How to Create a Memorial SlideShow?

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