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The Grief Warrior Program gives hands on solutions for those looking to 

1. Memorialize loved ones with meaning.

2. Creating a Resilience Roadmap 

3. Life plans with a will. 

  •  Coping with grief and loss?      
  • What does Cheesecake have to do with grief?

  • How to deal with multiple losses?

  • How to Create a Legacy Booklet for Loved Ones

  • How to create a memorial slideshow?

  • How to create a Virtual Memorial Service?

  • Healing Grief through Art!

  • The Language of Grief

  • How to kick start life again after loss and trauma?

  • The Resilience Roadmap and Life Plan

  • The Lessons and Legacy of Grief

Bonuses :

  • The Medicine Wheel and Grief
  • The Rites of Passage.


  • 3 steps to breakthrough grief.

  • 4 G’s of Grief

  • 5 dishes for people dealing with grief

  • 7 signs our loved ones are connecting with us from the Star Nation

  • Chaos, crisis & Calm

  • Healing grief with art.

  • Leadership at death

  • Mirrors of grief

  • Nature Nurtures Grief

  • The plan before I am a goner

  • Trauma Transformation and Tranquillity

Grief Warrior Program

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